Europatag 2017 in Magdeburg

Für den Europatag am 9. Mai trafen sich JEFerinnen und JEFer aus Halberstadt und Magdeburg, um gemeinsam an der #ourEurope challenge der JEF Europe teilzunehmen. In der Innenstadt konnten an verschiedenen Orten einige der 45 Aufgaben erledigt werden. Die Aufgaben wurden auf dem Twitter-Account der JEF Magdeburg dokumentiert.

Erledigte Aufgaben

3. Form a star with people (e.g. your hands or shoes) and take a pic
5. Form the JEF logo with people
6. Determine by vote the most important issue Europe needs to change
7. If you live close to a border, create a human chain across it
9. Bake a Europe cake – share the recipe
11. Put the European flag in popular place (e.g. landmark) of your city
13. Draw 12 yellow stars in the pedestrian zone with chalk
15. Collect wishes for Europe
21. Share the JEF Europe press statement on Europeday
24. Name all of the 28 EU Member States and capital cities within one minute
28. Send Europeday greetings on social media to a JEF section from another country
29. If around a border, cross the border, leave stars in chalk on the borderline
35. Draw a European map with the hand you usually don’t use
40. Invite an organisation you have so far not worked with to celebrate with you
41. Make one of your members wear the Europeflag as a cape
43. Take a picture of a place that has been funded by the EU
45. Surprise us and tagg #jef45